Our Story


Our Story

When I was 7 years old, I lived in a quaint neighborhood in Sandy Springs, Georgia. My mom was a
stay-at-home mom and my dad was an engineer who provided for our family. I was their only daughter,
and had three older brothers. We were a bare-bones, post-Great Depression, working class family,
entertained by my dad’s frequent jokes about our Irish heritage. One day, a woman named Cleo moved in
next door. Cleo was well-dressed, had a beautiful rose garden, and rode around in a cherry red Cadillac.

My earliest memories of real estate came from watching Cleo work. As a shy, kindergarten-aged child, I
marveled at how happy she seemed interacting with her clients. I started to identify that her joy came
from helping families find their dream home.

Fast forward to college-age, I decided to pursue a career as a professional athlete. But the impression Cleo
and similar role models made on me continued to persist. When my golf career came to a natural pause, I
searched for that same joy that I saw in her. I realized that I, too, found joy in helping others buy and sell
property. I was happiest helping families navigate what is arguably the most important financial decision
in a lifetime.


Since beginning in 2004, I have risen to the top 1% of all Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agents Worldwide, I have adapted to the changes in our market, and I have developed meaningful client relationships that last beyond the sale. As a result, I have garnered the title “The Lucky One” from my colleagues. Many may attribute my success in this industry as only “luck”, but few see what goes on behind the scenes. As the famous philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. My rule of life that I follow daily, is to always be prepared. Couple that with integrity, persistence, honesty, and grit, and you will get “luck”.

Not much has changed since 7-year old me vicariously fell in love with real estate through Cleo. After two decades of dedicating myself to this industry and to the success of my clients, I am pleased to offer the Cindy Chapman Group. CCG believes that Integrity Matters. We are founded in family values, and pride ourselves in what we do. When you work with CCG, you not only get the investment of my time, but you also get the investment of my heart, as I simply cannot separate my love for real estate from success.

Let us know when you’re ready to “Get Lucky”.

Work With Cindy

Motivated by a true desire to match my clients with their Sedona Dream Home, I am dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience.


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